To All,

Please be advised that the club is close this coming Thursday 31st of May as it is half term break, we will reopen on the following week 7th of June Thursday.

See you then.


Megafinals Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the following for winning the Supremo and Suprema in the categories they have entered at the Megafinals hold last week.

1. Mae Catabay - U8 Suprema
2. Zoe Johnson- U10 Suprema
3. Louis Thomas - U10 Supremo...
4. Dominique Granger - U12 Suprema

You have just imprinted a good impression for the club and a very good standard to follow by the other members. Well done for doing so well and very best of luck at the Gigafinals.
Also, well done to Rezin for winning 2games at the competition.

In behalf of Colchester Junior Chess Club,
To All:

The club will be close this coming Thursday 17th of May due to unprecedented personal reason, apologies for any inconvenience. We will resume the session on the 24th of May Thursday, of which I hope to see you all.

Best Wishes,


The club will be close for the next 2 weeks due to school holidays and will re-open on the 19th of April Thursday.

See you then.

Delancey Chess Challenge

Congratulations to Louis Thomas for winning the top of the Delancey challenge in the club for this year and for the others who were able to qualify for the megafinal. Also, well done to everyone who participated in the challenge.

Friendly Matched against Engaines Junior Chess

Well done to all who participated with the friendly matched last Thursday 8th of March. Thank you Richard O'Brien (Engaines Primary School) for hosting the matched and for providing complimentaries to everyone. A big thank you to John Lambert and Melvin Steel for doing all the pairings.

Our top 5 boards ( Asci, Zoe, Louis, Dominique and Mae) were all undefeated for both rounds and the other boards( Rezin, Eric, Malachi, Charlotte, Yazan, and Jana) have either won their games or made their games very difficult for their opponents to win. Overall, everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience.

Thank you parents and grandparents for bringing your children and grandchildren at the venue. Also, I want to acknowledge the presence of  Clive Bellinger, secretary of Colchester Chess Club, who continues to support our juniors in the club.

In behalf of all the volunteers of Colchester Junior Chess Club,



Hi Everyone!

Please be reminded that the club will not be open this coming Thursday 8th of March as we are having a friendly game with Tendring Junior Chess at Little Clacton, we shall be back on the following week Thursday 15th of March 2018.

Thank you,

Michael Catabay